Where has the time gone?

Gosh, time has just been flying by. It has been over a month since my last post and though I feel a little guilty about it, I don’t mind. This was an endeavour to regain some enjoyment in my downtime. It has been difficult just working full-time and then working on my degree in my spare time and it hit me hard. So Darling Starling Studio was born to hold me responsible for taking time for myself, be it exercising and exploring or merely creating something and sharing it. By sharing it, I made myself actually stop and take the time to do it.

Now, it’s 2016 and I’ve not posted anything. Well, I will be. My degree starts again on Monday and I am taking it one step at a time. (Yay for the next 450 I wrote last night!). So hopefully I will be able to share things with you soon but just stay with me.

On to exciting things, I was looking at my goals for this year and really, instead of new years resolutions, I have my 26 before 26. Well, I’ve made a few more steps in that. I started up my running again. Slow but steady and am working on my exercise everyday for a month goal. As for my travelling more goal, we booked flights and an AirBnB for Tokyo! If you have any suggestions, hit me up, I want to see everything possible in the 11 days that we are there. It will also be my first proper holiday with friends as two friends are going with us. Exciting!



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