Jordan 2016 – Arriving

I have arrived to my first trip of 2016, to my favourite place, Jordan! As I type it is still 22C outside at midnight, this is a long anticipated trip as it marks the end of my Masters degree. I’m excited to get back into this blog as I enjoy writing to the other people out there and love the idea of one day being able to look back on this and see what has happened. My mini time-capsule.

To ease back into the swing of things, I am aiming to blog every few days of the trip as we have mini trips planned but also some home days just relaxing and enjoying being here. It is where I consider home as my family live here so I’ve visited the main sites a number of times. This is more of a relaxing trip compared to others. So! Onto the arrival and the first few days.

It was my luck that when arriving my parents were cat-sitting so when I arrived home, Spot was there to greet us. Who can resist that face? I am smitten, even though I fear cats completely. She snuggled up to me in bed and once she snored, I was in love! It seems she likes my bed as every day I left it, she would end up there for a nap.



After settling in for for a day or so, I gave my Mum’s craft group a hand and the Kings Day celebrations. They sell a range of knitted products (my Mum’s – I’m so proud!), up-cycled crafts, jewellery and general gifts.


Next we took in some sights and got some shopping done. I enjoy exploring shops in other cities and countries because it makes my wardrobe a bit more interesting for when I am home. Very little of my wardrobe is bought in the UK and it means that when I wear a piece I remember the trip it came from. Be it Hong Kong, Bologna or Jordan. I love travelling and having something I wear everyday remind me of it is a wonderful feeling

It was a staggering 37C today, so we obviously took the time to refresh with lots of water and the obligatory lemon and mint. Now this is my all-time favourite drink, it is refreshing cool and not too sweet. I like a tart drink so it works well. Depending on where you get it, it changes but this was an especially good one. It is basically, mint, lemon and ice blended together. Some places add extra water and some add more lemon.



We went shopping to stock up and always up for a new thing, Mum and I picked up the Asebeh Zeinab. After a quick google, we checked what was in them and discovered that they are referred to as ‘Zainab’s Fingers’ with one website stating that they were supposedly named after the woman who created them. It seems to be a fried batter that is then coated in a sugar syrup. Yummy and nicely, they are sugary enough that you only need one but not so bad that it feels like your overcome with a serious sugar rush. Always helpful as moderation is key!



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