Jordan 2016 – Jabal Amman

Every year from May to October there is a market on a Friday on Rainbow Street. Souk Jara is filled with traditional handicrafts, art and antiques alongside this there are stalls selling a wide array of food and drink.


This is the view of the city from just above the main area of food and drink stalls. In the right of the photograph you can see the ruins of the Citadel and to the left side you can see the Jordanian flag. That flag pole is actually one of the tallest in the world. You can see it from most places across the city.

A yummy lemon and mint to keep you refreshedimage

As I’ve visited Jordan a number of times already, I’ve been here before but I thought it would be nice to showcase it, as it a wonderful souk to visit. Quite different to the more traditional souks that you would find downtown.

Souk Jara covers both sides of the street and heads down towards the Wild JordanΒ building. (Another place that is worth a stop as the views from the cafe over the city are wonderful).


A lady is making Shrak bread, which is an extremely thin, wide circle of bread. It is traditionally cooked on a dome over an open fire but as you can see here she is utilising the same dome with a gas fire underneath it.


At the very bottom of Rainbow Street there was this lovely installation of colourful umbrellas.Β image






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