Jordan 2016 – Exploring

The end of the trip aproached a lot faster than I expected. The sun and sights just really made the time fly!Β Due to the fact that this is not my first, or even second visit, we have not gone to the normal sites of Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum or the Dead Sea. This is because we wanted to try and find new places and explore the local area around us more. If it is your first visit to Jordan then I do highly recommend visiting those places because they are breath-taking and absolutely unmissable!

Spices for sale in Downtown Amman near the King Husseini Mosque. This is where we get our favourite tomato spice among others. Always bringing back spices as they as so much fresher and varied than at home. The spices I’ve been introduced to here have influenced so much of what we now use everyday.


Here are some different pieces of street art around Downtown Amman. These are specifically from near to the wonderful Darat Al-Funun complex. An art sanctuary overlooking the wadi.

These are some interesting pottery faces that were moulded on human skulls and buried together. They were found at Ain Ghazl-Amman and are on show at the museum within the Citadel. Highly worth the visit if you are visiting. As alongside magnificent views all around, there are the ruins of the citadel and palace within as well as the museum itself which boasts a smallish yet extensively interesting collection

A view from within, showcasing the extensively restored stone carvings as well as the accurate reconstruction of the domed roof.

A few panoramic snapshots from the Citadel as well as from points local to where I was staying.


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